Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Throw-Down 07 26 2011

My "Crux" Pattern Storm Raven.

Today, I'm going to meet up with Six-Deucer at Olympic Cards and Comics for a 2,000 point 40K throw-down. It has been some time since my last game, so I am excited to finally have the opportunity to once again deploy my Space Marines.

This week I am going to change my list again in order to try new elements from my codex that look appealing. Last year when I first started playing 500 point games to get a feel for the flow of 40K and to familiarize myself with the rules, I dabbled with Mephiston and the Storm Raven. At that time, the Storm Raven kit was not yet available, so I kit-bashed a Vendetta and a Whirlwind following patzgcrux's tutorial for the "Crux" pattern Storm Raven.  I still prefer this version, visually, when compared to the official kit that Games Workshop eventually released some months ago. However, it is not as cost prohibitive when you factor in all of the bits one must acquire to complete the Crux Storm Raven and the various weapon choices available in the Blood Angels codex. Following is the list I will field today:

2000 Point Blood Angels List:
  • HQ Mephiston
  • (1) Elite Furioso Dreadnought with Blood Talons
  • (2) Elite Sanguinary Priest with Lightning Claw
  • (2) Troops Assault Squad 9 marines; melta gun x2, Sgt. with Power Fist
  • (3) Assault Squad 4 marines; melta gun x1, Sgt. with Infernus Pistol and Power Weapon, Razorback with Twin-Linked (TL) Heavy Flamer
  • (1) Land Speeder with Multi-Melta
  • (2) Predator Tanks with Autocannon, Las-Cannon sponsons
  • (1) Storm Raven with Multi-Melta, Extra Armor

I usually prefer generic HQ choices for my lists, allocating those saved points elsewhere in my army (an Honor Guard, for instance). This week I'm going to do something different- I'm going to field Mephiston and a Furioso Dreadnought with Blood Talons. Now, I've had very little luck in "walking" these units across the table top to close the distance with an opposing force (OPFOR). Therefore, I'm going to toss them both into a Storm Raven.
The Storm Raven should provide me the speed and agility I need to get the point-bloated Mephiston into the thick of my enemy's force early in the game. Mephiston and my Furioso should be able to counter and neutralize any "deadly" my opponent chooses to field...The only thing I don't like is throwing so many points into one armor 12 basket.
Two, 10-man jump pack assault squads' will start on the table to provide my mechanized units cover, or I can combat squad one of them to reserve them in after turn 1. Each of my three Razorbacks are equipped with a twin-linked heavy flamer ready to gobble up any horde unit(s) that I may encounter, two of which will carry a Priest. Each priest will be expected to not only provide their Furious Charge/Feel No Pain aura, but also wade into the thick of combat and bloody their respective lightning claw(s). My Landspeeder will provide a screen when necessary, with the ability to melt enemy MEQ.
Long distance support will be provided by two Predator tanks with Las-Cannon sponsons; lets see if two provide adequate cover fire while the spear-tip of my assault forces close to range with the OPFOR.

Looking forward to a game or two tonight! Bat-reps to follow...


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