Saturday, July 16, 2011

Space Hulk Saturday

"Covering your six- Run brother!"

I have returned after a lengthy, but enjoyable vackay out of state. Today, my nephew and I donned our Terminator suits and boarded the Sin of Damnation to purge enemies of the Emperor and recover valuable relics for the Legion.

Playing the "Rescue" mission as the Blood Angel(s), I successfully extracted the C.A.T. unit out of the "Sin of Damnation" without losing a single marine. Playing the same mission as Genestealers has proven challenging. Currently taking a break from the action, my nephew has managed to pass the C.A.T through a line of Terminators like a baton. I managed to accumulate a screen of 'stealers blocking the Blood Angel's extraction point. Likewise, I have spared a couple of blips to gnaw at my nephew's flanks to keep the pressure on. We'll see after our break if the Terminators will successfully complete their mission, or fall victim to the Tyranid elements festering inside "Sin of Damnation"...

Aside from enjoying Space Hulk, I have been tooling my 2,000 Blood Angels force to face off against the guys at Olympic Cards and Comics. Taking advice from Purgatus, I built a list that uses elements of Descent of Angels (DoA), but doesn't rely on it exclusively. In the mean time, I am going to run the list he suggested to see what I can accomplish- a green 40K player.


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