Saturday, July 30, 2011

NOOB Questions: Rule Clarification(s)

I'm hoping my readers might assist in clearing up a few rule questions Jancoran posed on the Warsound forums recently. Jancoran is by no means a noob, however, I am- and I believe a couple of the questions he posed were for my benefit.
Any assistance would enrich my gaming experience, and also assist me in speeding up my game. Following is a cut/paste of his post:

"After a recent game, I was reading on line of sight for vehicles and it says you must fire from the Base and along its barrel.
1.  So one could not twist a turret sideways to effectively fire at a 90 degree angle from the barrel.  Correct?  It has to be on a straight line down the barrel is my understanding after reading it.

2.  Colossus is the only Barrage weapon that cannot fire direct, right?  So it will always scatter the full 2D6 amount?

3.  Does an AP3 weapon somehow negate Feel No Pain on a Space Marine if it is not double the toughness?  Some units essentially come with ONLY FnP, which means anything NOT ap 1 or 2 would kill them anyways and FnP would be pointless!  So what seems obvious to me is that unless it is AP 1, 2, Double toughness or ALLOWS no save (Like Dangerous Terrain does not) then you get FnP.  Agreed?

4  Space Marine and Blood Angel FAQ (both and probably the others):
Q: Can you take a Drop Pod with a 10-man squad and
then put a combat squad in it, deploying the other
combat squad on the table, or leave it in reserve but
not in the Drop Pod? (p69)
A: No, because squads that are placed in reserve may
not break down into combat squads."

A couple of  these questions pertain to me and my Blood Angels. Jancoran enlightened me with regard to Feel No Pain: I had been denying my Blood Angels' FNP rolls if a weapon's AP was the same as their armor save (3). After carefully, re-reading the FNP rule, it looks like I was wrong. FNP may be rolled as long as the weapon would not otherwise deny an armor save (such as a power fist, power weapon, or the weapon's strength is twice as much as the unit's toughness value). Likewise, AP1 and AP2 weapons void FNP.

I would appreciate further clarification on deep strike and 10-man squad(s). Admittedly, I have been doing this wrong; During the deployment phase I would mistakenly combat-squad a 10-man assault squad then roll for each combat squad in reserve. Now to the question: Can I divide a 10-man squad into combat squads the turn it arrives onto the table via deepstrike (reserves)? 


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