Friday, February 8, 2013

Hogarth Vs Goliath (Games Workshop)

Recently, GW decided to draw a very aggressive line in the proverbial sand around the words "Space Marine". In particular, against an Author's use of the word in her work of fiction.

The Author is M.C.A Hogarth, and her book, 'Spot the Space Marine: Defense of the Fiddler' was removed by Amazon as a result of GW's posturing. Fortunately, the book is still available on Smashwords.

Hogarth writes that she is now in talks with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and I hope EFF will represent her in this case, as just days before Hogarth posted that she did not have the means to counter GW legally.

To show my support for Hogarth, and fair use of common word/name associations in general, and to express how very displeased I am with GW's most recent acts of 'Douchebaggery', I have purchased a copy of Hogarth's book, 'Spot the Space Marine'. In the process, I think I stumbled across a wonderful piece of fiction that I may not have otherwise read!

My best wishes to Hogarth- I support you! Shame on you, GW. Shame.


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