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2,000 Point Team Tourney Saturday, February 23rd 2013

Gabi, at Olympic Cards and Comics, has opened her shop doors to another 40K Teams Tournament slated for Saturday February 23rd 2013!

Following is a copy/paste of Jancoran's WarSound forum post:

Olympic Cards and Comics via Google Maps!  

See the schedule Below

WHAT: 1000 points per teammate limit.

WHY: Because Team tournies are Awesome

WHO: You and every friend you can muster or tell about this event.

Find a partner, do-si-do! Swing your partner round and round, there she goes....

How Much: 10 Bucks Per Person

We WILL have a TEAM tournament on the 23rd. What does this mean for you and your life as a gamer? Well so glad you asked. It means that those of you who have been putting off painting now have no excuse. You can compete in a tournament where there will be far less to paint for each person and its an excuse to get some work done on half your army and still get to play.

This is one of the BEST ATTENDED and FUN tournies that we do because sons and Daughters come play with their dads and moms, twin brothers form dual Towers of supreme awesomeness as well as friends showing up, so it should be good times.

A few things that are bound to get attention so let me start right off:

1. You and a friend or family member will each deploy 1000 points from your codex, using the normal rules for 1000 point armies.
2. Allies will not be used, as you are effectively already allying. So you are treated as Battle Buddies for the puprose of this tournament, with the exception that you cannot join your allies units and of course the Force Org chart will be as normal for your codex.
3. One team member may purchase one Fortification in total chosen from ANY of those available in the Main Big Rule Book. This fortification will be treated as if it had been chosen by both allies forces, in every way.
4. Forge World RULES will not be used. Forge World Models can be used as appropriate proxies so long as they require no extensive explanation to your opponent.
5. $10 per person.
6. When time is Called, if the current round is not complete, you will return to the previous rounds victory condition total to see who won. You must complete the entire rounds events for the round to count. Rounds are over when the judge tells you they are over. If your clock contradicts that of the judge, the judges clock will be the one we use.
6. SLOW PLAYING WILL NEVER BE OKAY. For those unfamiliar with that term, it means that you intentionally slow down the game in order to avoid losing. Certain armies are like thundering hammer blows in the early going, but they take it in the shorts later on. Tau are a good example of an army that can be up by 6 KP's before they start losing things...but they lose them pretty rapidly later. So if a Tau player was hmming and hawing and generally going slow to avoid the loss, I would have no compunction about issuing a warning. If that warning does not have the desired effect, I will simply exclude you from prize consideration. So, your best bet if time is running down and there may or may not be enough time to finish another round, don't sit around discussing it. Just mark what the current Victory condition totals are and play on. Then if the next round truly cannot be completed in GOOD FAITH, then you return to that score as your final.

Prizes in General:
You can win multiple prizes. If you win Best Sportsman, you win it. If you win Best General, you get that too. Makes no sense to give a title like Best Sportsman to someone who was third best for example. Just doesn't.

Prizes will be determined by the number of players present. Best General and Best Sportsman are guaranteed to be prizes. It's simple math: we want the prize to be worth the effort. So if you tell EVERYONE, FACEBOOK EVERYONE and generally don't procrastinate nor let up in your recruiting of players for the event, and dont let any bias get in the way of having a good time, then we should have no problem giving more prizes. =) I brought 5 players to the last one, personally.

Painting Requirement:
We will not judge paint with a rubric, but we will REQUIRE it. So any unpainted models can be permanently removed from play for the tournament by a judge. Don't act all offended when it happens. You have been told ahead of time. ALL models must meet the three color standard (Base color, contrasting color and probably weapons or something). You need to have SOME basing material on there (you can do an entire army in like...two hours. Seriously...). For those who want to know: Chalky Black Primer is not a color and YES, most veteran gamers know primer when they see it. PAINT, folks. Paint. Three colors doesn't take but a couple days to do on 1,000 points! Basing is even faster than that.
Make your life easy: bring a display board. So much easier to move armies about and display them and people like them. A plank or even a McDonald Tray is better than loading and unloading from a bag. Just a suggestion, not a requirement.

If there is a prize for paint, it will be player voted, not judged by me (because the Good Lord knows I have no business judging it). Each player will inspect the armies during our lunch break and name their favorite. Most votes wins. Tie goes to the person with the least number of wins. Makes it worth painting no matter whether you win or lose, don't you think?


10:30 Registration
10:45 Announcements and repeating one self for those who didn't bother to read. Go over oddball FAQ questions, preferably with a focus on being cool to one another.
11:00 Tables assigned and moving of armies begins.
11:15 to 1:30 Round 1
1:30 Set your army up for inspection and voting
1:45 Voting on Paint.
2:00 to 2:30 Lunch
2:30 Matchups announced, shuffling of armies
2:45 to 5:00: Round 2!
5:15 Matchups announced, shuffling of Armies begins
5:30 to 7:30 SPEED ROUND 3, Cause Champions go fast.
8:00 Prizes announced and Forum fills with joyous "what a great time I had" accolades, because we all know no one ever complains after a tournament.
8:15 After tourney Gaming to include...well any game you want. Cause it's your time. Flames of War, War Machine, Warhammer...you name it. Gabi has it.


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