Sunday, February 17, 2013

Is a Written Complaint Still a Rant?

You know, I am really disappointed with Games Workshop and the way the Company's new 40K rules supplement, 'Death From the Skies' was released and made 'not so' available to Customers. There are some key issues as a result of this latest marketing strategy that greatly concern me, should they prove to trend moving forward. As a result, I took a moment to pen my concerns to paper in the form of a complaint, and mailed it to Games Workshop.

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that written feedback provided by Customers is rarely ignored. In fact, in my personal experience, it is very much like a hot knife through butter. Will GW bend, or bow to my claims? Maybe not. However, I do actively practice customer loyalty, and prefer to spend my money with Companies that I can support in good conscience.

If you, like me, find yourself unhappy or in disagreement with the way that this latest rule book has been made available to Consumers, then I invite you to take a few moments to voice that dissatisfaction in the form of a letter to Games Workshop in one of the following ways:

Snail Mail:
Games Workshop Customer Services
6211 East Holmes Road
Memphis, TN 38141


Following is a copy of my letter to Games Workshop:

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing to inform Games Workshop that I refuse to purchase, 'Death From the Skies' 40K supplement book as a result of the following reasons:

*It is only available as a direct only purchase. The fact that I cannot leaf through the book prior to purchase is unacceptable.

*I find the idea of purchasing an update to the game of 40K, based on a paltry description on a web page, offensive.

*The 33.00 dollar price tag (before tax and shipping) for updates to 6th edition BRB, and, army codices that I have already purchased...without anyway to preview the merchandise. Most of your competitors provide rule updates free. Perhaps it is time for this paying customer to evaluate options provided by your competitors, Mantic, Privateer Press, and Fantasy Flight Games.

*Sweeping 40K FAQ updates posted on the Games Workshop website referring the reader to the 'Death from the Skies' book for further information. What? Now, I have to purchase this direct-only book in order to access current FAQ updates for my army? Seriously?

*Unnecessarily ostracizing, persecuting, and punishing of independent retailers: They jump through all of your hoops (and then some), and still get the big Glaive Encarmine shaft from Games Workshop. Guess what? This Consumer, your Customer, has taken notice. I won't stand idly by while you bully and chest bump the business men, and business women, that support you and your product. I'm voting with my money, which I will glibly spend elsewhere- with your competitors if you continue these business practices.

*Death from the Skies smacks of an intentional money grab. There are far less hostile incentives that you could utilize that would quickly, and happily, part me from my money in exchange for your product. To name a few; the ability to thumb through the book, to purchase it at a game store of my choosing (or a game store period), and more information describing the new rules and missions. The last reason is very important to note. Dog fights, pilot traits, and new mission rules sound really exciting! I really want to purchase the supplement portion(s) hinted at in the book's description, but, not under the current circumstances. 

In closing, I am very displeased with this new approach of product sales instituted by Games Workshop, with regard to the book, "Death from the Skies" in particular. It is my hope that this letter will change the circumstances enough so that I can purchase Games Workshop Product with confidence, and in good conscience. If corrective actions are not taken in this matter, I may no longer financially support, nor invest in, Games Workshop.

Andrew   ****
Customer since 1989

I really enjoy 40K as my nerdy, table-top game of choice, however, I refuse to purchase a product that is vaguely described, and unavailable for preview prior to that purchase. Compound this marketing scheme with a presumable price increase just around the corner, and Games Workshop may push me out of the hobby. I felt similarly last year as a result of 2012's willy-nilly price increase, but, the flash gitz of 6th edition held me in thrall.

What do you think? Mountain, or molehill?


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