Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mike Brandt: You Class Act!


I was curious how Tournament Organizers (TOs) were going to handle the rules supplement, 'Death From the Skies', but I will fully admit that Mike Brandt, of NOVA Open fame just chose the best case scenario I had envisioned!

He just posted on his blog, Whiskey 40K, how the Nova Open will handle Games Workshop's latest rules supplement, 'Death From the Skies' and what it will mean to those attending the Tournament. In a demonstration of  customer service, Brandt has decided that Attendees will need not bring, nor own, a copy of 'Death From the Skies' to use it's rules. Talk about building customer loyalty!

Damn, I wish I could attend the Nova. Brandt and his team are such a class acts- I applaud them. Mike and his team have now set the standard for other TOs to follow.


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