Thursday, October 28, 2010

WIP: Kriegs Heavy Weapon Teams'

Later, I used a mesh screen to create texture on the green stuff!

Here are some Work In Progress (WIP) pictures of Six's Kriegs Heavy Weapons Teams'.
I'll finish basing them tomorrow night, after our Thursday Throw-Down! I followed Mini Wargaming's guide how to make sand bags using green stuff then I followed the excellent guide to crafting Hedgehog tank traps found on the PX40K blog. Finally, I followed Marty's step by step guide to craft the barbed wire found on the Armorama site.

Six will be able to add and remove the Hedgehog as he sees fit- it's a little cramped on that base. With a little paint and weathering, it will look pretty good! I'll finish basing the weapon teams Friday, then drop some foundation on them.
The barbed wire appears a little too thick in my opinion. I'll use a smaller gauge of wire next time.
I let the green stuff cure for about 10 minutes before I began working with it on a piece of wax paper. I used generous portions of water so that it didn't stick to my fingers. The water also helped the green stuff retain it's shape when I was adding detail.

Using bits of  "L" shaped plasticard, I fashioned what will be steel posts.
Using bits of plasticard, I fashioned what will be broken pieces of road/asphalt.
In conclusion, I liked the way everything turned out except the barbed wire. Its too bulky in comparison to the infantry in my opinion. I'm going to experiment with smaller wire gauges to see if I can obtain a slimmer look for the barbed wire.


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