Wednesday, October 27, 2010

November 20th: Olympic Cards and Comics!

On November 20th 2010 beginning at 09:00 hours, Olympic Cards and Comics is going to host a 40K bits swap! Then at noon, a 2000 point 40K Teams Tournament will commence! Teams will consist of two players, each taking 1,000 points worth of units following their relative force orginization (FO). Six-Deucer and I have agreed to team up and participate in our first-ever 40K tournament. We are both really excited, and have already committed to the event by getting that Saturday off! This will be a "fun" tournament and a perfect way for two new players to get their feet wet and experience tournament play!
Six and I are going to try different armies and unit composition to determine what compliments our budding play styles'.

So, I'm interested to know how you prepare for a tournament or competition? If you have any good advice to share, or a story about your first 40K tournament/competition- all the better! 40K tournaments are so few and far between in the Pacific Northwest, I want to make sure to get the most out of this event!

If you're interested to learn more about the planned events for November 20th at Olympic Cards and Comics, follow the links, below, for details:
40K Bits Swap
40K Teams Tournament 2,000 Points

I will update information for these events' as it comes!


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