Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Retro

Today I wanted to feature one of my favorite minis', the Chainsaw Warrior

I purchased this figure a little over twenty years ago to use him in my Necromunda game! Not only did I dig his pose, but also his facial expression. I still admire how well the sculptor captured the little details' such as the warrior's equipment and accessories. The size of the warrior's body in relation to his limbs seem anatomically correct, and appeals to the eye; I don't care for figures or sculpts that appear "stubby" or "deformed". This guy would make a great addition to an ally's retinue, or a "counts as" special character, or maybe even a veteran or a sergeant! Its nice to see one of the original Citadel figures remain relevant more than twenty years after being cast!  Do you have a favorite mini or kit of yore? Share it!


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