Saturday, August 28, 2010

Update: Wasaaaa

My blog has suffered through a period of hibernation through a very exciting, however busy time in my real life. I have had little time to devote to the hobby, and therefore little to write about or share with the community. Suffice it to say, the things that have required my attention are very exciting!
A new house, a baby on the way, new employees to train at work, lots of vacation time to cover, etc- the list goes on! And all within a two month period! I have a guilty confession as well; the fleeting amount of spare time I do have has been allocated to StarCraft 2. For those of you that don't know (come out from under your rock), SC2 is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) that pits three unique factions against one another for universal domination. Strangely enough, this game is produced by Blizzard, and there are strong similarities to the 40K universe.
Anyway, when I do get to play I usually go co-op. I'm a little intimidated by PvP, so if any of you readers enjoy teaching or have any pro-tips to offer up, please sound off.


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