Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Caestus Assault Ram, or How My Rifter's Hull Booms Are Swollen and Need to Be Elevated.

Earlier in the week I received a newsletter from Forge World showcasing the new space marine ramming skimmer, the Caestus. As if the guys flying skimmers around in the 41st Millenium don't have enough to worry about- now they have to ram things, too?
  When I followed the link to a picture of the Caestus, I became nostalgic about an old MMO I used to play, EVE. So, this thing retails for about 140.00 bucks before shipping? Ugh, no thanks. Regardless of the special rules, this thing is visually hideous. I'd rather light seven cigars with 20.00 dollar bills than buy this "ramming skimmer".

I wonder who at Forge World play Minmatar, or are fans of the Rifter frigate? If that first sentence was complete gibberish to you, I'm referring to a frigate class spaceship found in the mmo, EVE Online. The game, published by CCP, has been around for years- seven to be exact. It is a sand box mmo set in space- that is, there is little linear progression. Players create content and affect the environment for other players. This is further enforced by the fact that cheating and scamming are not bannable offenses, and GMs won't get involved if someone lies in order to separate you from your money (ISK).

Just to be clear, I wanted the title of this post to be as obnoxious as the Caestus offering from Forge World. I'm confident I accomplished that...


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