Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Monday Retro, Wednesday: Ordo Malleus Inquisitor

Today's Monday Retro is brought to you on a Wednesday in part due to my inflated work schedule over this last week, and my continued hunt for a house.
The good news is that my boss will return to work next week, which should decrease the amount of time I spend at work, or working. Unfortunately that will, in turn, decrease my overtime. Oh well, more time to blog and lock my wife and I into a house- that is not so bad!

This week, I'm featuring the third Inquisitor found in the Ordo Malleus Inquistor blister that I picked up years ago at my Local Games Shop (LGS). This figure was my least favorite of the three mainly due to his passive pose. I have often wondered why this guy has such a bad ass sword tied to his dress and not wielding it in some dramatic swinging arc, instead of posing in what appears to be an impersonation of Mr Hanky The Christmas Poo.  I will say that this Inquisitor's appearance is "Vostroyan-esque", however he does appear to suffer similar iconography woes as the subject from last week's Monday Retro. For instance, what is the symbol on his helm supposed to be? How about his left shoulder- is that a hammer? Finally the hilt of his sword appears to reveal a face (perhaps the face of a demon), but the detail isn't clear enough, or the sculpt was not quite realized.

In closing, this Inquisitor didn't jive with his two counterparts. This translated to him sitting on the side-lines or acting as a proxy in my Necromunda games.


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