Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dark Vengeance: Opening the Box

At 12:01 Saturday morning I got my copy of Dark Vengeance LTD Edition into my eager hands. I busted open the box and handled the sprues- man, the pictures don't do the models justice. The level of detail on each is really amazing.

So, the models and their superior quality was the first thing I noticed; actually the second thing. The first thing I noticed about this box set was, well, the box. The packaging is slick- a dark box with the 40K logo large, clear, and concise. Below the 40K logo is the box title, 'Dark Vengeance' printed in a two color fade. The limited edition box(es) have printed on the lower, left corner "Limited Edition" as though it were stamped onto the box with gray ink. On the right lower portion of the box is an effect mimicking blood splatter.

I was smitten with this box and packaging (as you may tell).

So, getting back to the contents inside the Dark Vengeance box. An issue caught my attention, and it was the third thing that I noticed about this edition of 40K. The paper stock for the mini rulebook, and the 'Getting Started' book is different than last edition's box set. The paper is thinner and feels more brittle to the touch. Gone are the pages printed on photo paper. People are going to pay more for this mini rulebook than they did for the 5th Edition version (it looks like an average listing of 25 dollars on Ebay), but I don't think that the rulebook is as sturdy as previous edition's. That sucks.

So, I flipped through the mini rulebook (carefully), then through the two Quick Reference Sheets included in the box set; one is printed on photo paper (and will need to be laminated to extend it's life). The other is a sturdier paper stock and includes reference stats for the Dark Angels and Chaos roster(s).

The unique sculpted base is really awesome!

Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus instruction(s) and unit entry is printed on a two-sided photo card that is very nice.

Side A of Seraphicus' page

Side B- I wonder how many will include this page with the Chaplain model when selling it? If you're purchasing this on the after-market, you may want to consider this page.

The model assembly instructions included in this box set are very explanatory. What I find noteworthy is the paper the instructions are printed on is thick photo card stock (thicker than the reference sheet that includes unit entries). Heh, I'm missing something here; why would the toss-away instructions be printed on such expensive paper, GW? I would have preferred that expenditure differed into the mini rulebook. That is my one gripe about this set.

In this edition is included one each; a small blast, a large blast, and a flamer template- all of which are clear green plastic (as with AoBR). Along with a scatter dice and six, six-sided die. Instead of a tape measure, the box includes two, twelve inch range rulers (as with the previous edition, Assault on Black Reach).

I really like the Death Wing Terminators. The models provided nostalgic memories of the Death Wing expansion for the original Space Hulk game. The portrayal of the 'Plains People' (borrowed heavily from Native American People(s), were my favorite character's in the 40K universe- at that time they seemed so majestic. I loved the stories, and the missions- and still do. In fact, I don't care much for the Dark Angels other than the representatives of the Death Wing from that particular world. I really had hoped that the 3rd Volume of Space Hulk would have featured Death Wing, rather than Blood Angels. Oh well, I digress.

In closing, I think this box set was worth the Benji. Gabi, owner and operator of Olympic Cards and Comics really is the best. She managed to provide me the limited edition box set after an ordering snafu. Thanks Gabi!

Now, I have no intention of ever playing a Chaos army. I'll end up trading or selling the Chosen and Hellbrute, but I'll retain the cultists. I think they will make awesome GK henchmen!


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