Monday, September 10, 2012

Manticore WIP: Magnetized Weapon(s) and Missile(s)

Recently I finished building a Manticore that I plan to run in an IG allies list. I wanted to accomplish two things with this model:
The ability to swap out H.Bolter with H.Flamer, and;
Magnetize the missiles in such a way so that they didn't fall off, but could be removed to denote use.
I accomplished both goals, the latter by following a portion of Ron's How-To article at From the Warp . If you have any interest running the Death Strike missile configuration, check out his article. I have no intention of taking that weapon, as it shoots way too late in the game to be of consequence.

This guide is by no means ground breaking, nor is it inclusive: My hope is that my success (and failures) may act as a useful guide for those to come.

If you're a minor, make sure you get your parent or guardian's permission before attempting this!

To follow this guide, you will need the following item(s):
  • A pin vise (hand drill) with 1/8 bit, or *7/64 drill bit.
  • (3) Rare Earth magnet(s): 0.125 (1/8th) wide and 5/16 - 3/8 thick (H.Bolter and H.Flamer) and, (8-12) .187 x.031 (3/16 x 1/32) for the missiles and missile rack.
*If you don't have a pin vise, simply wrap some duct tape around the rod of a 7/64 drill bit. Wrap a rubber band around the portion of tape for gripping purposes.

The first thing I did was drill a 1/8" hole into a circular piece of the sprue from the Manticore box.

I then glued said piece of sprue behind the weapon port that houses the H.Bolter, or H.Flamer

Front View: I centered the sprue piece holding the magnet as best as I could.

Construction then resumed as normal. After gluing the components together, I let the bond cure using rubber bands to keep the chassis straight.

File the back of the H.Bolter until it fits flush into the weapon port that now sports a magnet. The H. Flamer will already fit flush, use it as your guide.

Remember to check the polarity of your magnet(s) prior to inserting them into the H.Bolter and H.Flamer bits. I usually do this with a piece of paper (in this case, hold the piece of paper over the magnet mounted in the weapon port). Take the magnet you plan to insert into the H.Bolter and H.Flamer, and let it attract to the mounted magnet, using the piece of paper as a barrier between both. Mark the back of the magnet to be fitted into the H.Bolter and the H.Flamer with a marker as a guide. You will insert the marked side into the weapon piece.

Drill a - hole into the H.Bolter add a small amount of glue and insert your magnet. The Heavy Flamer already has a hole that you can wedge a magnet in, just add a little glue prior. I use the flat side of my Xacto knife to press the magnet flush with the surface of the weapon piece. Make sure it is flush!

The H.Bolter fits snug in the weapon port, the magnets provide a solid grip.

Next item to be magnetized: Missile Racks. Glue a 3/16 disc magnet in the center of each rack where a missile will lay- four total. Keep the polarity the same for each.
You essentially want to make sure that the each of the four magnets are glued in place with the same surface facing up. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use the paper trick from above. Glue the first magnet in place, then use the paper trick from above with each subsequent magnet. Mark the exposed side as reference; in this case the marked side of the magnet should face up. Glue the unmarked side of the magnet to the missile rack. Repeat, until all four are in place.

Dry fit the slotted portion of missile that will sit on the missile rack. Line up the holes in the missile to the slots of the missile rack, and hold it in place. Set a magnet in the missile (which will hold it in place). You're checking the fit at this point. Repeat this process for each additional missile. Make sure that the winged skull plates visible on each missile half are aligned.

One of my missiles magnet seemed to have a weak bond with it's corresponding magnet located on the missile rack. I added an additional magnet inside the missile, which resolved the issue.

At this point you want to make sure that the missiles sit on the proper missile rack. Each missile portion has a winged skull emblem. Make sure each of the four emblems are aligned correctly. I did not- and did not discover the discrepancy until after I had glued the missile halves together- which really irritated the bejesus out of me.

Add an amount of glue to the area where the magnet will sit ,then place missile onto missile rack and replace magnet.

Repeat this process for each missile, then let the adhesive cure for a few.

Dry fit the second missile section, and double check the alignment of the winged-skull emblem. Once you're satisfied, glue the two missile pieces together. As I stated earlier, I failed to do this and as a result my emblems were all whacked. In fact if you look at the second missile in, you will see that I carefully shaved off the emblem (because it was upside down!)

Here is another angle of the missile in question.There were two, total, whose emblem(s) were upside down.

Ready for green stuff, then primer!

After I green stuff the imperfections that I don't want to use as battle damage, I'll primer this tank.


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