Friday, July 20, 2012

6th Edition Game: Blood Angels

Earlier this week I managed to get my second game of 6th edition in, meeting up with my bud Six-Deuce at Olympic Cards and Comics for some dice throw-down.

My previous game was a small (1000 point) game pitting my Blood Angels against Eldar. I managed to claim a victory in that game using a Jumper list with Dev Squads, and a Libby HQ.

For my game with Six, I used a list that included 30 jump pack Blood Angel marines (all Sgts with Power Fists), along with two Sanguinary Priests (Power Swords), a Libby (Power Sword), led by Astorath (Astro). I accompanied 5 Death Company marines with Astro, and threw the lot of them into a Storm Raven. One Vanguard Vet unit, each with meltabombs, one Vet with dual Lightning Claws. One lone Dev squad held my board edge.

Each Troop unit was accompanied by an IC that could participate in challenges at initiative (to shield my Sgts. reduced initiative as a result of wielding Power Fists).

Vets would provide a nice way to multi-assault Six's artillery line that I am all too familiar with. Now that stationary vehicles are autohit, and vehicles which moved are only 3+ (rather than the old 4/6), each vet would have an easy time at earning their points back IF they don't choke on the charge...

Six brought his IG with an Ork allies attachment. Among his army (led by Straken) he had a Collosus, two Griffons, a Manticore, two Vendies, and a Hell Hound. Six also had a number of  plasma vets snug in Chimeras, an Ork Warboss and Nobs (the 2+ guys) in a Battlewagon with deffrolla.

Six ditched his Hydras to try Griffons, which seemed to perform well. Six will have the final say if the Griffons are going to edge his Hydras out of a spot in his IG list as the Vendies seemed to handle airborne exceedingly well.

We played Crusade with Hammer and Anvil deployment (Ugh). This really worked to Six' advantage as we both deployed on the short table sides. His artillery would have excellent range on my forces as they attempted to close in. I got first turn, and luckily Six didn't sieze (Phew).

Six did exceedingly well in this game, and I rolled horribly. Some of the funniest moments in the game: Vets come down turn two, scatter six (full scattah!) and were 7 away from Chimera line. I then rolled a 4 and wiffed the assault. Since they deepstriked that turn, they used their jump packs and couldn't reroll the result. Lah!

My Storm Raven failed cover saves against Six' Vindies, and it exploded in a fiery ball that consumed the Death Company (and Astro) with it.

Due to my inability to neutralize Six' artillery line, my forces were whittled down to nothing by the time they reached his Chimera line. I conceded at the bottom of turn 3 lol.

Horrible, but horribly fun, too. I like Sixth Edition. I'm going to make some tweaks to the list (the Vets were specific to Six IG list), and see if I can't roll a little better as well.

In the mean time I'm putting together my attack bikes, and cleaning up a drop pod sprue. I think it would be interesting to drop a unit of Death Company backed up by jumpers, with a unit of hammernators, and a couple of Cyclone Landspeeders. I'm also going to try a Razorback list; I want to see for myself how much transports were nerfed.


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