Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vassal 40K

As we progress through the holiday season, I find myself with less and less time that I can devote to getting away from family and work duties to play a game of 40K. Six being in a similar boat, we looked to alternative ways to sate our desire to play 40K together. Vassal 40K was a no-brainer, however it would seem we were late by about six months.

For those of you not familiar with Vassal 40K, it is a Vassal module that simulates 40K table-top gaming. It allows people to play 40K together that otherwise could not (using the internet). A perfect way for Six and I to continue to play 40K when we can't venture out to Olympic Cards and Comics!

The problem is that until very recently the 40K mod for Vassal has become very difficult to obtain. I'm not one for torrents' or torrent sites, so imagine my relief when Six-Deucer found an updated Vassal 40K complete with a link to download version 5.4!

I've downloaded Vassal, and the 40K module and installed them both, now I'm slowly wading through building my army using the program. This is my first time using Vassal, and it is very unintuitive. Attempting to recreate my Blood Angels army within the program, I can't seem to find half of my HQ choices...It is definitely, 100%, user error, but instructions and/or tutorials are difficult to come by.

Vassal 40K will not replace or usurp the act of physically playing 40K for me (or Six), however, it will allow us to play one another from a distance during this busy time of the year!

When Vassal 40K exasperates me, I have been turning to Call of Duty Black Ops multiplayer to relieve the pressure- Nuketown being my favorite map!

If anyone has advice, or links to a noob guide, or FAQ please share the goods!


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