Thursday, December 9, 2010

Battlefoam 1520 On Order

The Battlefoam 1520

Another week, and very little time to devote to the table-top. However, I did receive word that my Battlefoam 1520 is almost ready and will be shipped soon- my Christmas present this year. I wasn't convinced, leaning toward a Sabol Designs' bag, until my friend Six-Deucer purchased a 1520 earlier this fall.
He has left the bag (stuffed with his IG) with me so that I may paint his army for him. That has left me with almost two months with the Battlefoam 1520 and it has afforded me a new appreciation for it's size, sturdy construction, and the way foam is accessed (side-loader). I can honestly say when Battlefoam announced It's black Friday sale (discounting all orders by 25%), I jumped at the opportunity to invest in the 1520 and 24 inches of foam. Battlefoam customer service has been exceedingly cool to deal with- especially in regards to a made to order foam piece.
The one detraction of this bag is that I will not be able to check it in as carry-on luggage on most (all) national flights. However, I have no plans to travel, on a plane, to participate in a tournament any time soon. I figure when that time comes I'll pick out a bag that meets or exceeds airline criteria for carry-on luggage (I don't want my troop carrier filled with my army getting shoved below with a bunch of heavy luggage). Maybe another Battlefoam bag, or a Sabol Designs bag, maybe a carrier similar to the one Brent (from Strictly Average) uses, or maybe just make my own.
In the coming days, I hope to sneak in a game of 40K before Christmas, and I'll make sure to take plenty of pictures for a Bat-Rep!


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