Friday, December 10, 2010

Art Supply Sale (Online)

I wanted to share a couple of promotional codes I received by email good through December 24th on all art supplies found at  Chicago Airbrush Supply, and their sister website;!

Chicago Airbrush Supply (CAS) is offering a site-wide 15% discount through their website;, by using the promotional code "xmas15". This particular discount is only good through this weekend, so purchase accordingly.
Likewise, CAS is having a sale good through December 24th on all of their airbrushes. For those of you lacking a local art supply store (such as myself), this is the perfect opportunity to grab that new brush and save a few bucks. I purchased my Harder Steenbeck 2 in 1 through CAS. They treated me right, gave me the best price at the time, and worked to resolve any issues I may have had- definately a five star vendor. Following are the codes related to CAS discounts:
Buy a brush over 100.00 dollars and save 10% with this code: 10-100
Buy a brush over 200.00 dollars and save an extra 12% with this code: 12-200 *cough* Infinity 2 in 1 *cough*
Buy a brush over 300.00 dollars and save an extra 13% with this code 13-300

Enjoy, and happy holidays!


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