Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5! KICKSTARTED!!

Kingdom Death: Monster is a cooperative board game set in a horrific land where players fight and die together to protect and nurture their fragile settlement from sinister monsters hungry for human flesh and soul...

How exciting that Adam Poots, creator of Kingdom Death: Monster has kickstarted the game's 1.5 update. This is a chance to help fund the update to Kingdom Death: Monster, to obtain the core game, or to obtain out of print expansions and model kits (Dragon King, at 75 bucks, anyone?)

This game is made by a small group of passionate people, headed by Adam Poots. The game and it's contents are of the highest quality, and are worth the hefty price tag

Now is your chance to hop on board and get the game at 35-50% off!

Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 on Kickstarter


I for one love the game and can't wait for the 1.5 overhaul!One theme that reoccurs in my many campaign is the importance placed on individual survivors that are gifted, or, become gifted through experience and battle. The game was always supposed to be the story of the settlement home to these individuals. According to Adam, that will be addressed in 1.5 offering ways for individual settlers to make a lasting impression on their home.


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