Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Kingdom Death: The Kingsman

Holy shi-
Up until this nemesis encounter, I felt like I had a grasp on the game's difficulty. This battle was a definite DPS check that I failed miserably. I won't spoil the encounter other than to say that he fully wiped my party with only one wound caused by our team.

The next year we were visited by armored men and due to our low population cap we received a gift of one large dead monster. I equipped four decendents of our deceased (pictured above) to hunt a Screaming Antelope. Whelp, little did I know that the antelope tracked by our brave, young, inexperienced crew had been hunted and killed by a level 2 White Lion.

Yeah, the inexperienced hunting party put up a good fight, but, proved to be no match for the kitty. Without spoiling a level 2 White Lion's abilities, our group's biggest problem were two archers that got hung up and did little damage for the fight. Ah well, four more deceased, four left.

The next Lantern Year the four left had a set of twins bringing the village total to 6. The Hand calmly strode into Junction and ripped one poor fellow's chest apart. We get to battle him in two years. And then there were five!

I think I will send the four greenies out on a level 1 White Lion to at least get some experience and prepare for the coming challenge. Ugh, Kingdom Death life!


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