Sunday, October 14, 2012

10.14.12 The Walking Dead Season Premiere!

Could you imagine trying to 'break in' to prison?

Tonight at 9p season three of The Walking Dead premieres, and I'm very excited. I can't wait to see what happens to the group now that Shane is gone, and Rick has declared a dictatorship over the surviving members. I think Shane provided a great counterpoint to Rick's optimism and his attempt to remain humane in the face of the Apocolypse. Now that Shane is no longer, what depths will Rick fall to in order to remain 'safe'? How much of his humanity will Rick have to exchange in order to keep his family, and the group, out of harm?

Now that the group is without Dale's morality and Shane's knack for completing dirty jobs, who will they rely on to make the tough, dirty decisions? Who will provide a morale compass to guide the group through the stormy seas of depravity? Will show writers further explore the dark road that Rick seems to be set upon, or will Merle and the Governor provide enough reason for Rick to reinforce his grip on his morality and spirituality?

That prosthetic looks nasty!

As much as I enjoy the cast (and would hate to see certain events set forth in the comic come to pass), I think the first thing that grabbed my attention about the story was the fact that it seemed any of these great, unique characters could bite it at any time! Once I was hooked, the series continued to deliver reasons to watch: Great writing executed by awesome actors (I can't say enough about the cast of The Walking Dead- both living, deceased, and 'zombied'), awesome special effects, and a great crew that manage to provide sets and locations that are creepy, and easily believable.

I have really taken a shine to most of the current characters, so its going to be tough if more of the cast is nixed in season three; regardless, I'm along for the ride.

So, whose going to tune in tonight?


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