Monday, May 14, 2012

WIP: Goliath Barbarian; Dungeons and Dragons

A couple of weeks ago a buddy of mine asked if I would slap some paint on his Goldar the Barbarian figure for his D&D club.

I happily agreed, as it would give me an opportunity to dust off my brushes and 'oil the joints' so to speak (as I haven't painted anything in over six months).

It has been a pleasant learning experience, and throughout, my appreciation of Vallejo acrylics has only been enforced. Uniform consistency and eye-dropper bottles should be an industry standard, FFS- Lol!

The lessons I have acquired I will apply moving forward with subsequent projects.

I am not satisfied with the metal bits as I have rendered. Practice, practice, and more practice!

The cloak is significant in this fellow's back story. It will include free-hand design.

I still have final highlights, weathering, freehand detail, and blood to add to the model. Goliaths' also have unique blue markings on their body, which I am willing to add, if my buddy so chooses.

He has provided me with a couple of different figures; a Half-Orc monk and a Dwarf that I will also base and paint. I will post pictures if they are worth looking at over the course of the next couple of weeks.

I enjoy listening to music and watching movies while painting figure(s). While painting this figure, I primarily listened to "Invincible" by Two Steps From Hell:

In the meantime, I have been tweaking a Blood Angels MEQ list as the 40K bug is biting me again. I'm working on a Mephiston kit-bash, as the current figure is FUGLY (Road House Patrick Swayze with Devil Horns. Really?) God rest your soul, Patrick Swayze, I know you wouldn't approve of that dated Mephiston sculpt, either. Mephiston is too tempting not to include in a list at this point, however, the figure leaves a lot to be desired (much like the Logan Grimnar figure. The pose and facial expression does not embody Logan's actual character- as he is written in the codex as far as I'm concerned.) and I don't think it captures the monster that Mephiston has become as a result of the 5E codex.

I have also been playing with Space Wolves, having bought a Njal a couple of weeks ago at Olympic Cards and Comics store-wide sale. I really like the Loganwing idea that Purgatus has fostered and played (as read in his blog, 'Best Overall'). Even through the rough patch that is the end of 5th Edition and Grey Knight proliferation, I've had a serious man crush on the idea of Vikings in Terminator armor on the gaming table since the first time I watched Purgatus field his Space Wolves (sometime in 2009).

Perhaps if some of the rumors prove true, 6th will temper the MEQ game. Time will tell.


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