Saturday, May 5, 2012

TSHFT May 5th!

Not only a talented General, Zen is also a great miniature painter! Terminator by Zen.

Today many a grizzled warrior are converging to Bell Town for the The Seattle Hearts of Fire Tournament (TSHFT) Invitational- Purgatus being one such fellow. Kick some ass, Purgie!

TSHFT was born in the vacuum of a competitive tournament scene in the North West by two ambitious men and their desire to provide a competitive 40K venue to interested players. I had the pleasure of meeting one of those fellows, Zen, in a friendly teams tournament held at Olympic Cards and Comics last fall.

I say 'pleasure' because Zen was one of the most patient and pleasant opponents I have played against. I prefer opponents that are fine sportsman, and during our game Zen proved to be the consummate sportsman.

TSHFT offers a weekend of competitive tournament gaming- 5 rounds at 2000 points. 

The TSHFT invitational is a really cool way that Zen gives back to players that earned a title in the regular TSHFT competition. Once a year Zen invites TSHFT participants to gather for a weekend of competitive gaming in Seattle on his dime. Tournament fees are waived, food is catered, and this year being the 5th anniversary of TSHFT, Zen is even providing drink tickets for those lucky (or able) enough to have earned an invite to this event!

Good luck to all participants this weekend, I can't wait for the bat-reps!

For more information:

Zen's blog and TSHFT Home Page

Purgatus' Blog


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