Monday, May 17, 2010

GW Price Increase 05/31/10

Beware! the sky is falling, Brothers~

I communicate with quite a few online vendors that specialize in 40k,
and it would seem that Games Workshop is completely out of stock of
multiple kits.
A week ago I was not overly concerned by this news however, after GW
announced a price increase on most of their product that will take effect at the
beginning of June in Europe (May 31st state-side)- I was slightly

It would seem that certain kits (the Blood Angels Death Company for
example), are completely out of stock for retailers-
with no ETA for
product replenishment in sight! Inevitably this will force hobbyists to pay
an increased price per kit if out of stock kits are not made available prior to May 31st 2010. Even the Assault on Black Reach starter box is rumored to increase by as much as 15 bucks!
What a nut-punch!

I price-check vendors' on Ebay frequently, and I have noticed certain kits' have increased in price all ready- so beware and be savvy if you plan to purchase product online! Cross-check prices with other sources (such as Apocobitznow, The Warstore, Mini Wargaming, and Amazon- to name a few) and purchase accordingly. Likewise, purchase locally (when you can)! I have made a few purchases, now, to save a few bucks that I had originally intended to make later in the year. This coupled with the fact that I am out of state for a length of time has prompted me to utilize online retailers such as Macpac51 (Ebay). I have purchased through Macpac51's store in the past and have had very good experience(s). His customer support, fast shipping, and well packaged items make him a superior provider, online.

My advice to anyone contemplating a large-scale purchase including
tanks, codex books', or troop forces: Buy now, and save a few bucks
where you can. Network with your Local Games Shop (LGS) and ask them how and when that particular store will implement those impending price increases.

In closing, Games Workshop is instituting a second price increase in
less than a year's time- not even Chicken Little had the sky collapse
on him that many times! Attempt to purchase locally, from your LGS. If that isn't an option, then make sure you compare prices online, prior to purchasing that new figure, bit or kit!

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