Friday, May 7, 2010

Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS)

Do you have a FLGS that you like to support and frequent? Is it further from your residence than a less friendly or hospitable games shop? What is an FLGS? Well, let me explain!

 One of the first acronym I stumbled across while reading about table-top gaming was FLGS (FLAGS). I always read that acronym with a chuckle because there was a time that I wasn't sure what the "F" in FLGS represented, so I promptly associated it to my own, unique word...heh. Joking aside, I am very fortunate to have a gaming store close to home- and the owner and staff are actually friendly as well as a lot of fun. Olympic Cards and Comics (OCC) is owned and operated by "Gabby"- one of the coolest people I have had the opportunity to meet.

Olympic Cards and Comics boasts A LOT of static gaming tables for Warhammer, 40K and War Machine (to name a few), not to mention three columns of long tables where customers can play board games, RPGs, card games, or just to read the latest comic book or magazine. All of this is provided by Gabby to her customers free of charge, and games can run into the wee hours of the morning. Over the last several months, whenever I have had a question about paint or paint color, I go to Paul, who seems to have the Citadel to Vallejo conversion chart memorized. Paul has patiently helped me every step of the way; from the first day I ventured into OCC for my first acrylic paint pot purchase in over 20 years to suggestions on gluing and basing my figures. I am extremely fortunate- especially in this recession, to have an FLGS like Olympic Cards and Comics.

Wednesday afternoon I ordered my Blood Angels army with Gabby. I'll admit it is always tempting to purchase from vendors through the Internet (especially in such tight times), however, I made it a priority to pay a little extra and support Gabby and my FLGS.

So, getting to my order, it consisted of four Razorback transports and a Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer kit and LOTS of paint pots. Over the past year I have slowly enlisted Space Marine troops- now I'll work at tying the army all together. I'm going to run an Librarian HQ with a Chaplain/Sanguinary Priest/Assault Terminator Squad as my elite force. My troop choices will consist of one scout squad and three assault squads', however, I may juggle points and swap the scouts for another assault squad after I actually play a game of 40K.

The coolest part about all of this is that my buddy Matt and his buddy Sean are just getting into Warhammer 40K as well. The three of us starting with the same learning curve should make this hobby all the more fun for me. Gabby even offered to help us through with a few tutorial games, which I thought was really cool.

If you live in or around the south Puget Sound, I strongly suggest dropping in to Olympic Cards and Comics and take a look around- the staff are friendly,and will do their best to assist you.

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