Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Blood Angels Codex Arrived!

April Fools!

I admit I was shocked when I checked the mail today, only to be rewarded with my pre-ordered Blood Angels codex! Seeing that the official release is slated for April 3rd (and a Games Workshop CSR informed me I wouldn't receive my codex until Monday or Tuesday)- I'm stoked! This is my first look at the new codex and I'll post my thoughts on the addition and changes separating this codex from the old .pdf version.

One caveat: The United States Postal Service sucks ass. First, my
codex was rolled up inside my mail box (Rather than laid flat)- giving the book two very noticeable bends. The manila envelope was ripped at the bottom, exposing my codex. The bottom portion of the spine was damaged, while the top right corner is bent and misshapen. I don't plan on reselling this codex, but this much damage is ridiculous. Lesson learned! Next time I'll order through Olympic Cards and Comics- supporting my local shop and assuring I receive a pristine copy.

To recap: Games Workshop A+, USPS D-. I'm off to lodge a complaint with the USPS and then to read my new Blood Angels codex!

Title Page, "Blood Angels Codex"

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