Monday, December 8, 2014

Wishlisting Blood Angels

Wishlisting the new Blood Angels, a user on Faeit posted a compilation of codex rumors as follows:
(I will update as more rumors find their way to the internet)

  • No new units. No Centurions and no talons.
    Bummer. I really would have liked to have either units in this codex.
  • Death Company is now elite as DC dreadnought
    Okay so they are not OBSEC, but, can they score? Elite section is shaping up to be crowded, but, I don't doubt there will be a 'formation' to make these guys troops at some point.
  • Predator Baal is Heavy Support
    Oh look, the other heavily populated section. Will it retain fast?
  • Librarian Dreadnought is HQ
    Hmmm...with nerf to psychic powers in 7th, there will have to be a good gimmick to take him.
  • Mephiston is HQ and IC
    Saw that coming, but, not LoW? Read on and you'll see why.
  • All units have now Furious Charge
    No more prerequisite chalice or Death BUT, will this codex provide players the viable means to build an assault based army? Probably not.
  • No squadrons for Dreads. "Standard" dreads are now Elite, Furiosos and DC dreads too. Librarian dreads are HQ.
  • Only troop choices are Tactical squads and scouts.
    Ew... Assault marines have not been viable for some time, but, for those of us that purchased assault marine armies such as myself...fuck, lol.
  • Tacticals can get two heavy flamers!!
    Trolololol drop pod or LRs
  • No terminator armour for DC. Jump packs are now only +3 points. On the other hand their WS has been downgraded to 4.
    If the DC still can't take and hold objectives I don't see a reason to take 'em. It would have been sweet to see termie DC, but, c'mon.
  • Dantes Axe is +2S, AP2, mastercraft and NOT unwieldy. He is now eternal warrior.
    Fuck Oh Dear! No shit he should be swinging at initiative- it only took what? 6th edition to figure that out? That whole axe = unweildy thing? Stupid. If Dante gets EW and can't be doubled out- badass. The question is, 'will Dante still make SG troop choices (OBSEC)?
  • Chalice gives +1WS
    Meh, for all of those assault marine armies...
  • Vanguard Veterans cannot charge after DS
    Too bad, but, not surprised that VVs would lose heroic intervention. Do you think there will be a good reason to take VVs in the new codex?
  • Only rule is combat squads
    Better be combat squads; hopefully lose the bloody special rule ATSKNF > Fearless.
  • As I see in the pictures of the codex there is nothing coming after the termi Kit. Lib is separate.
Warlord traits are:
1. Warlord gets Rampage
2. Warlord gets +1 I
Hmm..good for hit and run.
3. One warlord's weapon gets mastercrafted
Oh. boy.
4. Warlord gets Adamantium will
Not bad.
5. Warlord gets Descent of the Angles (Dante's trait)
No room to scatter. This could be fun, but, not worth gambling on.
6. 12" fearless bubble
Ugh, I just hate giving up ATSKNF for fearless. There are better ways to get this rule.
Physic powers are:
Primaris: Blessing. +D3 to A and I to psyker or target character at 12"
Cool...but that may just be the BA player in me that still wants a viable assault army.
1. Malediction. Target unit at 12" takes a Moral test with -2
Hmmm, this used to be a fun spell to cast in conjunction with an IG psychic choir.
2. Blessing. Target unit at 18" gets Rage. If they had already that rule, they get +1A instead
3. Blessing. Psyker and his unit get 5++
invuln? that is an upgrade from the 5+ cover from 5th ed. This spell will probably be too cost prohibitive to cast, unfortunately.
4. Focussed witch fire. Target makes 2 T tests. Take one W for each failed test. If targed dies, place 5" blast with S4 and AP5.
5. Beam.12" S8, AP1 Lance
Hmmm. This is similar to the 5th ed power except you got 4D6 AP1 Lance. Probably be more expensive and difficult to cast...nerf.
6"Blessing. Targe infantry unit, moves 12" in the psychic phase. No charging after this movement.
Whelp, it would have been nice if the unit affected by this spell could assault in the same turn, but....
Fast vehicles are:
Rhinos, Razorbacks and Baal Predators
Okay, Baal Preds are fast but reside in the heavy slot...FU
Special rules for DC: FC, Fearless, Relentless, FnP, Rage. They cannot reroll to wound if chaplain in the unit. Only Astorath gives them this ability.
Hm, bummer they don't get the reroll to wound. Do you think these guys will get the option to take heavy weapons?
Detachment is nice:
Mandatory 1 HQ, 1 Elite, 2 Troops
DONT MAKE ME TAKE ELITE. Will there be anything worthy of this tax?
Optional: as usual, but 3 additioanl Elite (Total 4)
Special rule: +1I when charging, all the army, any turn.
One time? Meh. For all of those assault marine armies b/c they are troops?
Mephiston has chaged a lot:
  6    5   5 5  3  5 4 10 2+
So take a look at this: Mephiston got nerfed. His BS dropped to five, as well as his toughness. Last edition he was toughness 6, so, getting doubled out was impossible (unless there are big Ds that do 12 or more base). Now he can get doubled out at str 10. According to this rumor he didn't get EW, so, non BA players will rejoice. Likewise, his BS got nerfed, so he isn't going to be able to avoid gets hot.
Warlord trait: Adamantium will
Lvl 3
Special rules: FC, IC, Fleet, No Fear, Hypnotic Trance: Roll 2D6 if fighting in a challenge: If result is the L of the opponent or more, Mephiston hits on 2+ (hmm, I think previous edition was better?).
Has one unique power: Blessing, he gets S10.
He can double his doppelganger out.
His sword is AP3
Cost: 175 !!!!! (That's goooooood)
Meh. He got nerfed so cost isn't that good compared to what was lost (and not provided).
Sanguinor pretty the same but: gets only 4++, re-rolls to hit and wound in challenges
Ouch. Squishier...what is the point of taking this guy again?
Sanguinary Priests are HQ, 60 points and units he joins get +1WS and FnP. The are IC btw.
Well, shit. A very crowded HQ slot- do you really want to take these guys? They probably still can't hold a shield so...
Gabriel Seth and Commander Dante are indeed Lords of War
I would be interested to see Seth's statline.
Then the relics, I am translating what Waaaghschale could see on a poor photo. So careful with these
BA Relics:
- One jump pack that allows the bearer and his unit re-roll when DS and when other units Intercept -> Snapshots. (25)
Thats cool for all of those viable assault armies.
- Gives Fear, and fear tests are done with -2 L (10)
- One item that gives an additional warlord trait strategic table. (15)
- One physic weapon +2S, AP4, bearar may re-roll 1 in the psychic phase. If rellod die is a 1, bearer takes one wound. No saves allowed. (10)
- One Master-crafted plasma pistol, that does not get hot. (25)
hurr durr
- One AP2 power sword. (25)
Wow. Nice...except it will cost 25 points? pfffft.
Troop units from deathstorm are troops, fyi.
Corbule gives to all BA units at 6" +1WS & +1I. Not accumulative with an standard chalice bonus. 120 points, 3 wounds
Hmm.. this guy went up 20 points- is that worth +1 Initiative? Maybe if he still gets a 2+ FNP? 

Big question of the night: Can BA Captains take stormshields?  

Faeit has devoted a post to rumors:

Furiosos: Same cost, but the claws now cost +10 points. Getting additional attacks rule is gone. Now claws are Sx2, Shred, AP2.
Bummer. Its not like Dreadnoughts were selling me in 6th or 7th, but, losing his special rule makes this guy autoshelf.

Does Mephiston have access to anything that makes him move faster than 6" in movement phase, e.g. Jump pack or Psychic abilitiy like "Wings of Sanguinius".
Looks like Mephi got his wings clipped. They are really toning him down.

Sanginor, is he an IC?
Sanguinor has the cost of a Stormraven.

The rules are basically the same, but he does not improve the stats of a character anymore. This rule is gone.
This guy...pointless, bloated cost, weird fluff.  Just when I thought this guy couldn't get any more awkward...

Can you confirm if Dante still unlocks Sanguinary Guard as troops?
no, he does not unlock SG as tropos. BTW I haven't seen any FoC unlocking in the codex. Not even the command squad, which is Elite now.
Didn't think that would be the case, but, I was hoping. Not that SG are worth taking in their current iteration.

Any news on the 2 tycho?
Tyco now does not ingore armour saves. His comb¡ weapon cannot use special ammo anymore.
Oh snap! That rule that allowed Tycho to ignore armor saves was boss. Losing that makes him an overpriced chump 2/4++. Losing special ammo is like a second kick to the nuts, but, makes for one less consideration when list building. 

Is there still a priest in honour guard?
Honor Guard is gone from the codex.

Can sangujnary priests still take bikes/jp/terminator armour?
He can buy a bike, but not a Terminator armour.

Wow, no termie priests? That sucks.

The codex dropped, and the changes weren't inclusive. To be honest, my biggest gripe isn't the fact that ASM are no longer troop choices, or, Mephiston's nerf, or Baal Preds were moved into heavy slot and lost scout, or, Chaplains and Priests are no longer elite selections...
My gripe are the formations. Baal Strike Force is more akin to what I would like to build on, but, it does not confer OBSEC. Blood Angels Battle Co does, however, it is filled with units that I least prefer, and the list of required units is pretty large. 

Anyway, here are most of the final changes in the current codex:
  • Assault Marines no longer troops; 15 pts cheaper, 5-man squads can take two special weapons; may exchange Jump Packs for a free drop pod, or, free Rhino (no longer able to take Razorback)
  • Slot assignments were changed across the board; all tanks are heavy, dreadnoughts elite, ICs are HQ, Libby dread HQ...
  • Mephiston toned down and made an IC
  • Tycho, Sanguinor, Gabriel Seth nerfed
  • Dante buffed and LOW
  • DC can now claim and contest objectives, lost a WS
  • Drop Pods moved to fast attack
  • Land Raiders no longer troop choice dedicated transport
  • Corbulo lost his 2+ FNP (but still confers FNP), but, special rule allows re-roll on seize initiative, again. Grants +1 WS and I. Increased 15 points
  • Baal Preds lost scout
  • Captains may upgrade to artificer armor
  • Sanguinary Priests cannot take Terminator armor
  • Reclusiarchs gone; Chaplains do not confer LoB (re-roll to wounds for DC)
  • Astorath is only IC that confers LoB to his unit of DC, on turn he charges; dropped 55 points
  • Chalice gives +1 WS; Narthecium gives FNP
  • Tac squads 20 points cheaper; can take a heavy flamer for 10 pts
  • Scout squads cost 20 points cheaper; camo cloaks reduced in cost by 1 pt, heavy bolter reduced by 2 pts; hellfire rounds cost 5 pts. Missile Launcher cost increased to 15 pts, flakk missiles are an additional 10 points
  • Dev squads do not appear to get the option for hellfire round upgrades to heavy bolter
  • Sanguinary Guard received a 35 pt reduction; can take up to ten per squad; chapter banner reduced by 5 pts, death masks reduced by 4 pts each (these guys still don't get an invuln save)
  • Blood Talons lost special rule to generate infinite wounds
  • Magna Grapple is no longer an equivalent melta strength weapon that provides chance to pull tank to dread
  • Vanguard Vets decreased in cost by 20 pts; Heroic Intervention changed to current flavor
  • Vanilla Razorback increased by 10 pts; special weapon turrets decreased by 15 pts
  • Blood Angel psychic powers have returned with slight adjustments. Wings is a WC 2 blessing that targets an infantry unit that grants 12" move in psychic phase. The unit cannot charge in the turn it  was cast. Shield of Sanguinius is a 5++ invuln at 2 WC to cast (instead of cover ala 5th ed). Blood Lance is a true beam, but, instead of 4D6 " range, it is 12 " static- 2 WC to cast.
  • Librarians are 35 pts cheaper, and can still only upgrade into Terminator Armor in order to obtain better saves.
  • Chapter relics offer a jump pack that confers reroll on deep strike and deep strike table as well as making interceptor units 1 BS. A crown that grants the special rule fear and units have to make leadership saves at -2 modifier. A blade that confers AP2. A plasma pistol that doesn't get hot. Veritas Vitae confers an additional role on the warlord chart. A staff that allows psykers to reroll a 1 at the cost of one wound. The JP, crown, and vitae aren't bad.


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