Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kingdom Death: Monster on Kickstarter

Kingdom Death: Monster, the brainchild of Adam Poots, is currently running a pledge drive on Kickstarter. The project is currently sitting at $398,542 dollars worth in pledges with 38 days left in It's pledge drive.
That's sick!
What is Kingdom Death, and why am I excited about it?

Before I describe the game, I want to express how excited I am about Poot's game concept, and the subsequent game(s) (I am hesitant to call them sequels) that could ultimately result from Kingdom Death: Monster. What I find most strange is that this isn't Poot's full-time gig- he is a successful graphic designer. Why is that strange? I invested a little time and read some of Poot's comments in the Kickstarter, as well as on Dakka- and he is very passionate about the Kingdom Death game. So much so, that I think he should be doing this full time- and perhaps he will be after this Kickstarter has funded- I sure hope so.

So, back to the game: Kingdom Death is described as a board game that combine elements of horror, survival, dungeon crawl, harvesting/crafting, and settlement management centered around the Kingdom Death art and figures. Kingdom Death is described as an interactive board game for two or more players, and Poots has promised a video demo of the game in action later this week.
Survivor: Lokman Lam
I'm a fan of Lokman Lam, and his pin up art for Kingdom Death is no exception. However, the talent that Poots has attracted to his project does not stop with Lam. Talented sculptors and artists such as Thomas David (my favorite sculptor of the KD line), Hector Moran, Danny Cruz, Yannic Hennebo, and Jacques Alexandre have really helped shape the popularity of Kingdom Death miniatures (literally), which usually sell out in hours.

KD: Flower Knight sculpted by Thomas David

So, back to the Kickstarter! For a Benjy, you get the box game and digital art book set to ship in November 2013. In the box you will get:
  • (4) starting survivors
  • (4 ) armor kits: Rawhide, Lion, Phoenix, Leather
  • (7) monsters
  • Plus*
  • (1) Unarmored kit (four survivors)
  • (1) Lantern Armor (four survivors)
  • (1) Fur armor (four survivors)
  • (2) weapons for Lion Kit

Not bad, BUT, for fifty-five bucks more, you get the box game, all of the stretch goals added to the box game, t-shirt, and digital art book. If you have the cash, the second option is definitely the better in my opinion. Included with the contents listed above is the following for 155.00 dollars:
  • (1) Rawhide Armor kit (four survivors)
  • (1) additional Phoenix
  • (1) additional Watcher
  • (1) extra Phoenix Armor set (four survivors)
  • (1) Regiment of Kingsmen (five total men)
  • (1) Paul The Survivor

Thats a lot of dimp!

Poots is also making available various Kingdom Death figures in resin (some that are currently sold out in his boutique store), and two game expansions at half their retail price:
  • The Flower Knight for 15 dollars, and;
  • The Dragon King for 30 dollars (the Dragon King is over eight inches tall!)
So, I've committed to purchasing the 155.00 dollar Survivor level, and included enough to purchase both game expansions as well! I'm really excited about this project, and I think you will be too. Follow the link below and check out the Kingdom Death: Monster video and tell me what you think!

Kingdom Death: Monster on Kickstarter


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