Monday, June 26, 2017

CK Studios Airbrush Class June 24th 25th

I was fortunate enough to lock in a seat at Caleb and Kat's airbrushing class over the weekend, in Seattle Washington- a father's day present from my wife.

Let me tell you, the class was worth the 200 bucks. In fact, the level of teaching, and catering, I received as a student was far more valuable then the price of admission. I learned so much about my airbrush, about color theory and dynamism when painting minis. Both Caleb and Kat were very patient and giving over the two days- I can't speak highly enough about this class.

I think it is a must take class, for novice to experienced AB painter, and I strongly suggest readers to seek out Caleb and Kat and sign up for a class. The financial investment is a pittance when compared to the training, you will receive, and the friendships that will be forged.

Check out the link to CK Studios, here:
CK Studios

The Independent Characters took the class and covered it in their podcast (along with a nice interview with Caleb and Kat).
IC Podcast 149

If you are curious about airbrushing minis, or, want to improve your airbrush experience I can't recommend CK Studios enough.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kingdom Death Monster: Card Sleeves

KDM Card Sleeves:

I will be adding to this post as I add pictures of the different Kingdom Death Monster cards in card sleeves.

First up are gear cards. Each card is around 50-51mm square. I tried two different offerings, and, opted with Mage 53x53 premium sleeves (pictured below):

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5! KICKSTARTED!!

Kingdom Death: Monster is a cooperative board game set in a horrific land where players fight and die together to protect and nurture their fragile settlement from sinister monsters hungry for human flesh and soul...

Friday, November 4, 2016

Help Me Identify This Painted Army

So approximately 4 weeks ago, this gorgeous army was auctioned on Ebay by AA-Games located in the UK. The Ebay seller could not provide me any information as to who this amazing army previously belonged to. Although I managed to win one of the guardian lots, sadly, I did not receive the auction.

I am posting screen caps of the original auctions in the hopes that a reader may recognize this army. I would love the opportunity to pick the brain of the person responsible for painting these models as I want to apply this same paint scheme to my SM army and

Thanks in advance!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Junction: LY 12: Twilight Sword

Our four newest survivors took to the hunt at the beginning of Lantern Year 11, tracking a White Lion. Three of the four warriors lived to return home, the fourth was an unfortunate victim to the monster's playful batting; the monster literally blowing up her head in a visceral explosion!

One beautiful page found in the Kingdom Death: Monster rulebook. The amount of page turning required for the game leaves me feeling dirty after every play session. This book should be a centerpiece on any coffee table, rather than manhandled every game session.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Kingdom Death: The Kingsman

Holy shi-
Up until this nemesis encounter, I felt like I had a grasp on the game's difficulty. This battle was a definite DPS check that I failed miserably. I won't spoil the encounter other than to say that he fully wiped my party with only one wound caused by our team.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kingdom Death: Monster! NSFW

FYI: I tagged this post with a NSFW b/c some of the book pics I posted from the book.

I have got to say, Adam Poots is such a class act. I purchased a copy of Kingdom Death: Monster. Quite a little investment for a board game, but, when you take into account the figures, the mechanics, and the replay value- well worth the price. I bought it directly through Adam's site, Kingdom Death during the last pre-order wave he opened up.


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